We offer several kinds of courses at the Core facility. Find detailed course descriptions below as well as introduction videos.

Internal Courses

Internal courses to get access to use our instruments. Mandatory for all new users, and existing users that need access to a new instrument.













PhD Course

Part of the Faculty's PhD programme.



















Non PhD Courses

Courses for technicians, bio analysts, master students, postdocs, and supervisors that need introduction to flow cytometry. We offer two different courses in this category:












Introduction videos

Get a sense of the content of the courses.
























Upcoming PhD Courses

The next courses in 2020 is scheduled for 23-25/9, and 28-30/10 (the practical part of the course).

Look at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences' homepage to sign up. Spring courses are full, fall courses will be online start May 2020.

If you have questions regarding how to sign up, please contact the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences.